#57 – Mike ‘Exborg’ – The Global Grid Is Active

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A special WiD? show at a special Time. The Global Grid Is Active – Mike said he has very important information for us. This is not a test!

Mike has operated in the sphere of deep mind control for 40 years. He is coming on the show specifically to lay out both his personal knowledge of mind control technology, and his real-time knowledge of the cultural interplay between the Breakaway Civilization and our general global society. 

He is a Christian and he was pulled out of the final initiation event into dark society, at the last minute, by an Angel of the Lord. 

If there is a phenomenon to be named, Mike has lived it. Remote viewing; out-of-body travel; lucid dreaming; encounters with all manner of spiritual entities, including Fallen Angels and demonic beings; interaction with genetic hybrids; witchcraft, spiritual warfare; and technological weapons.

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