#76 – Winter Laake – Satanic Philosophy & Science

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Winter Laake explores the philosophy of Luciferianism in our modern age. In these current times witchcraft and occult studies are more popular then Jesus or Allah. For as the church edict dies away, Satanism and other forms of new age esoterica come to the fore.

Winter Laake through his work unleashes a black magic might philosophy that amplifies and corresponds with writers such as Machiavelli, Baudelaire and Lord Byron in their Satanic studies.

Winter Laake has published ten books on Satanic Philosophy and has released over twenty-two tarot decks. His entire catalog is available through amazon.

He has recently been published through “Become A Living God” publishers within a fantastic hard cover book entitled “Asmodeus – Lord of Lust,” which is a compendium of eleven modern day Satanic/Luciferian writers.

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