#89 – Jon Stewart – The 1998 ‘Alien Interview’

Is the almost forgotten piece of footage from 1998 the proof we all have been looking for?

Jonnie Stewart is a retired American professional wrestler and former candidate for the U.S. Congress and Governor of Illinois.

He is best known for competing in the American Wrestling Association on ESPN, World Wrestling Association (WWA) and AWA Superstars of Wrestling LIVE.  At his peak, Stewart wrestled on the ESPN Main Event eight separate times, eventually wrestling for the AWA Light Heavyweight Championship of the World in 1990. 

After his wrestling career was over, Stewart ran for the United States Congress in 2000. Because of Jesse Ventura’s  success, Stewart’s campaign was featured on the OReilly Factor, Hannity and Combes, MSNBC and unbelievable to many sports writers, a feature article about Stewart also ran in the New York Times Magazine.

In 2018, Stewart unsuccessfully ran for the Libertarian Parties nomination for Governor of IL.
Stewart also has a foot into reality tv programming. He is an independent creative producer associated with Emmy winner Adam Wilkenfeld’s, Neon TV. 

Despite his forays into politics and his 30 year wrestling career, Stewart is probably best known for being confused with the Comedy Central Jon Stewart by a Utah Charter High school looking to hire Stewart for a charity gala. When news broke of the mishap, it was the lead story in America for over two days, promoting Stewart to being interviewed by over 25 national media tv shows and news outlets.

While operating his families auto dealership, Stewart is co-host of the podcast Truthbusters LIVE on the Triple T Network and he is currently in post production on his documentary, “Daddy Found Bigfoot” and “Bigfoot: Case Closed”. He is also the author of the book ‘The Sum Total; Quick Life Hacks for Millennials’.

Andrew Burlington aka Victor Nevada

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