Saturday 9/5 – John Steiger

The UFO Trilogy

After attending the Roswell UFO Festival, John Steiger became inspired by the idea of a jury trial drama – with the audience as jury – to examine the truth between the arguments advanced by pro-Roswell UFO advocates and anti-Roswell UFO skeptics. Once he completed THE ROSWELL TRIAL: A Courtroom Drama, John proceeded to dramatize THE RENDLESHAM FOREST UFOS devising a Board of Inquiry to question the prime witnesses and determine just what happened. His final drama herein, WILL TO BELIEVE: The Brooklyn Bridge UFO Investigation, is presented in the form of a dramatic debate among the principals as to the credibility of this transcendent alien abduction.

Mr. Steiger has been engaged in UFO research since 2010. THE UFO TRILOGY is his first publication.

The UFO Trilogy is a rendering of three of the leading UFO cases – Roswell (1947), Rendlesham Forest (1980), and the Brooklyn Bridge alien abduction (1989) – in a nutshell.  It is an introduction to the world of UFOs like no other single work. Although a work of fiction all three plays are based on real life close encounter cases.

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