#23 – Open Lines

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“How many people of all ages have you met, who make errors with left & right”?

OK SO you are asking yourself “What the Hell does that have to do with education?” I have a fairly high IQ of 147 mostly due to my logical processing ability. When I pondered this question and others, I soon spotted a pattern, easily taught to a toddler that would mean they would never mistake left for right but many more pairs that we use every day. Let me show you with a few examples exactly what i mean.

What is the Port / Starboard side of a sea/ sky vessel? What side is the red / green light of a sea/ sky vessel? Why do we say Left & Right but NEVER right & left?, Up & Down but never Down & Up?, Port & Starboard but never Starboard & port?, Stop & Go but never Go & Stop? Red & Green But never green & Red??

This list is huge but we are NEVER taught the importance of this order,When we read / write, we do to from Left-Right & Top-Bottom. all of the above are also in this order red is on the left of a vessel. Green is on the Right,. Red is at the top of traffic lights, Green at the bottomDo you see this simple pattern?

Left             Right

Port           Starboard

Red            Green

1                2 

just to demonstrate a few. There is at least 1 that seem WRONG.. “Knife & Fork” This troubled me greatly for some time as it proves a otherwise perfect Pattern WRONG. Then one day I fell over a reason. It is WRONG today but if we look back in History, we discover that In England we ate with an empty hand and a knife in the other and that knife was held in the left hand because most people are RIGHT handed so it is natural to put food in your mouth with your dominant hand.

Therefore, at that point in history, we ate with “Knife & Hand” NOT “Hand & Knife”. When the French introduced the “Fork” it replaced the Empty Hand. what is not recorded in history, is why they swapped hands! Thee Knife swapped from the Left Hand to the Right.So I used my logic and a basic test to discover WHY? try to use a knife and fork in the WRONG Hands.. You will discover it is very clumsy, so people naturally swapped hands but the spoken/written order was NEVER swapped.

If I can work this out for myself, then WHY IS IT NOT TAUGHT TO CHILDREN FROM A VERY EARLY AGE????Not only would this simple thing stop people of all ages getting the left/right confused, stop errors when placing knife & fork on the table prior to a meal. BUT potentially, it could save your life.

Imagine finding yourself stranded at sea alone, and at night you see a ship. How do you instantly tell which way it is moving? from the pattern you know we say red-Green NOT green-red. Therefore, we know the Red light is on the PORT (Left). If you see the red on the left, you know it is moving away. If it is on the Right, then it is moving towards you. If you only see a red light, it is moving to your left, If you only see a Green light then it is moving to your right. Now you know which way the ship is moving without having to wait to work it out over time.

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