#14 – Matthew Alper – The GOD Part Of The Brain

The ‘GOD’ Part of the Brain

Is man the product of God…or is God the product of human evolution?

From the dawn of our species, every culture has possessed the capacity for math, music, language–inherited traits generated from specific regions within the human brain. Similarly, from the dawn of our species, every culture has maintained a belief in some form of a spiritual reality–believed in gods, spirits, luck, the supernatural, an afterlife.

Is it therefore possible that, as is true with our capacity for language, that spiritual belief represents an inherent characteristic of our species, a genetically inherited trait? Are Humans “hard-wired” to believe in gods, a soul, an afterlife?

Does a Spiritual realm really exist “out there,” beyond and independent of us, or are our beliefs in such things merely projections of the human brain, the manifestation of an evolutionary adaptation – a coping mechanism – that emerged in us to help our species to survive our unique and otherwise debilitating awareness of death?

Matthew Alper

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