#41 – ‘Ishmael’ – Weighing The Prose And/Or-Chons

Ishmael was born in the Spring, on a full moon sabbath 2 magi-cicada cycles ago.

Little did he know how important this would become later in his life. His immediate family was fascinated with the occult.

He traveled through Europe – Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco in 2002 followed by various others in 2003 and finally Italy and Capri in 2004.

Ishmael attended a community college with no real direction until discovering psychology

He was introduced to freemasonry and discovered cicada or it discovered him…

Ishmael will have a message to deliver about how to prepare for what is coming. He had dreams and paranormal experiences all his life – but now things have intensified and he decided that he can no longer sit idly.

And he might be the one to finally tell us what the Archons are all about…

The art of story telling has been lost, like the truth, it has been lost – together, we shall find it.

The Gnostic Society Library

The Q Source

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Edgar Cayce – Great Pyramid and Sphinx

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