#77 – Alex Mistretta – Halloween Kick-Off

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The WiD? Halloween Kick-Off Show with international Man of Mystery, Explorer, Author, Researcher, Cryptozoologist, Ufologist and Paranormal Investigator Alex Mistretta!

Alex Mistretta has been interested in UFOs and the paranormal his entire life. He had a UFO sighting at age 10 in Los Angeles and conducted his first paranormal investigation at age 12 in London. 

Those events led him to study Psychology and Anthropology at the University of Illinois-Chicago where he earned a Bachelor of Science in both those disciplines. While in school he also conducted two Independent Studies and wrote two papers on Haitian Zombis, one from the cultural aspect and one more focused on the pharmaceutical aspect of Zombification.

After school Alex returned to Los Angeles where he became a Field Investigator for MUFON L.A, and then the Director of Investigations for Los Angeles. He kept that post for over 10 years where he investigated over a hundred cases personally,  and was also selected for the first rapid response team called Star Team. Unfortunately, due to internal struggles at MUFON, the Los Angeles chapter was disbanded and Alex left MUFON before going on a single case with Star Team.

During that time, Alex also spent time as a paranormal investigator alongside Dr Barry Taff where he worked on a variety of paranormal cases , most of them of the Poltergeist nature. Alex also worked on a number of cases, both at MUFON and with Barry Taff that combined Ufology and the paranormal.

Alex is also a cryptozoologist and an authority on African cryptozoology, especially Mokele-mbembe, a subject he spent 2 years preparing an expedition for that was eventually cancelled due to the Civil War in the Congo. He has also focused his research on Bigfoot, going on several expeditions in the United States, but also focusing on the link with the Asian Yeti and Almasty. 

Alex is the Author of the book “The Presence: An Exploration into the Paranormal”  and has been featured on numerous television shows in the United States, in Russia and in Hong Kong and has made numerous appearances on various radio programs including Coast to Coast AM , Spaced Out Radio and Fade to Black. Alex was also featured in French magazine ‘Science and Inexplique” in 2019 where he was interviewed for the Trepang Arctic UFO case.

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