‘Good evening! – Good morning! – Good afternoon! – Hello everybody… wherever you might be… out there on this crazy planet!’

Every single time I was sitting in my kitchen… the white microphone in front of me… doing Open Lines or talking to one of the incredible guests I was allowed to interview… I was absolutely thrilled to be on this unbelievable journey.

100 times I was hosting my own radio show about the weird – the paranormal – conspiracies and everything that goes bump in the night. What started with the idea to do a recorded Podcast for a German audience became Extra! – Terrestrial Talk Radio. Live and broadcasted around the world through the Internet. I still can’t believe how many people in so many different countries have listened – sent me emails and messages and called into the show.

For me it was more than a Talk Show. After listening to the classic Late Night shows for years and years… Art BellClyde LewisJimmy Church and others… suddenly I was actually doing my own show. I was talking to guests I have been listening to on my headphones for many times. I was even talking to people who have been guests on Art Bell’s programs. He was a big inspiration for me… and I think for every person who is into Talk Radio and the Paranormal. But that’s not enough – I was invited to be a guest on ‘Ground Zero’ with Clyde Lewis. And believe me when I say: For this guy from Germany – after listening to the show forever.. it was more than mind-blowing.

WiD? became more than a hobby for me. It was the first time in my life that I felt like I was doing something that is actually made for me. I felt fulfilled. And I loved every single minute of it.

Sure – there were problems. I had a rough few weeks during summer 2020 because of personal experiences and of course… the technical issues. But looking back at all the shows – callers – guests and topics. I am really proud. It was an incredible ride. And I wish I was able to do the show for decades – become a better Host – take you on journeys into the paranormal and live my dream.

Unfortunately the beginning of 2021 was also the end of WiD? w/ Daniel Grothe. After months of financial difficulties and ‘dodging the bullet’ again and again.. It’s game over. I can’t afford new needed hardware – the show’s distribution costs and music licensing anymore. The show was always free and while a few generous donations saved me a couple of times… This is the moment where it’s impossible to get the money that it would take to get back On-Air.

I tried to find a network – sponsors or advertisers. Unfortunately unsuccessfully. So for now – The journey is over. I have to find a job and ways to pay the bills. And with the world being the way it is at the moment… it might take a while.

I want to thank everyone for the support. For listening. For taking this ride. And for believing in this guy from Germany that wanted to bring back the feeling of old school paranormal talk radio. I think I succeeded a few times.

If you just found out about the show… I hope you have fun listening! You are officially a Time Traveler now. And hey.. I still like Beer 😉

Thank you to every single one of you listeners. You made WiD? w/ Daniel Grothe possible. 100 times.

Goodbye for now.


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